Requirement of experienced M.B.B.S/BAMS and staff nurses.        Urgent Required Neurosurgeon, Nephrologist and Intensivist



ANESTHESIA is freedom from pain.Anesthesia, in the hands of qualified professionals is a safe and effective means of alleviating pain during nearly every type procedure.

1. Anesthesia care is not confined to surgery alone. The process also refers to activities that take place both before and after an anesthetic is given:

2. Throughout the operation, the anesthesiologist constantly monitors and regulates the patient’s critical body processes such as breathing and circulation.

3. Depending on the operation and your wishes, we may administer one of three types of anesthesia:

4. Monitored Anesthesia Care

5. Spinal anesthesia

6. Epidural anesthesia

7. Nerve blocks

8. General Anesthesia